In Vietnam, hotel restaurants have long had a reputation for over-priced, unexceptional meals, especially when these hotels are located in remote areas where ingredient sources are limited. But over the past few years, new restaurants have come to change the way we view hotel dining. Green Chili of Avana Retreat is the newest but surely one of the best in town.

Green Chili Restaurant serves breakfast from 6:00 to 10:00 and a la carte dinner from 18:00 to 22:00.

What makes Green Chili Restaurant so appealing is its beautiful natural surrounding. The restaurant leans against the terraced rice fields and looks over five cascading ponds where water from the Pung waterfall flows into. Guests can come and feed the ducks at the pond or watch them waddle ashore to the nearby grass field located on the right of the restaurant. On the left side, there is another lovely pond where KOI fishes are happily swimming. That means, from any place in the restaurant, customers can always see natural landscapes through floor-to-ceiling windows. And on beautiful days, guests can sit outdoors, immersed in the sight and sounds of nature.

The beautiful restaurant from the bird-eye view.

Duckpond and fishpond add a relaxing feeling.

Simple but elegant design, this restaurant puts the focus on the local architecture, natural appeal of the materials, and the quality of craftsmanship, creating a natural and mountain feel. It has a similar architecture to other buildings in the retreat with earth walls and rustic thatched roofs. Inside, charming rattan lights drop from the ceiling, softly illuminate the dark brown wood tables and chairs, and give the place a retro feeling. Cushions with ethnic embroidery patterns add colors to the dining space. When the sun goes down, lanterns are set along the sides of the walkway creating a cozy atmosphere with dim lights, twinkling candlelight, and warm service. 

Elegant rattan pendant lights create a retro feel.

95% staff of the restaurant are local manpower. Avana has provided skill courses and job opportunities to local people so they don't have to go to big cities to find jobs.

Avana kitchen serves fresh, seasonal ingredients that source from the best of the country’s specialty suppliers. The menu has a ton worth trying and the chef is a big fan of local farms so the vegetables and salads are always on point. Inspired by the deep connection between the retreat and the surrounding environment, his dishes bring a sense of place and reflect the stunning outdoors of this beautiful northwest mountain. 

Green Chili's dishes reflect the great outdoors.

Must-try dishes here include Wagyu beef, banana blossom & duck breast salad, pan-seared foie gras, Mai Chau grilled catfish, and Beef Pho that tastes as good as Pho at the sidewalk restaurants in Hanoi. The most photographed dish - and certainly one of the most ordered - is the Japanese scallops carpaccio with truffle mushroom, salmon egg, and avocado cream. And we only have one piece of advice—come hungry.

Pho here tastes as good as Pho at the sidewalk restaurants in Hanoi

Photogenic Japanese Scallops Carpaccio, look like tiny KOI fishes

For someone who looks for something special, Green Chili serves dinners in your villa or by the Pung waterfall. Wildflowers, candles, and lanterns to create a private and romantic ambiance and our dedicated team will make sure you have a special evening that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

 Most of the bungalows provide a table and two chairs on the balcony so that Avana can serve private, romantic in-villa dining as requested.